Mission & Vision


Clear is accelerating the faithful translation of Scripture until all people can access God’s Word in their own language.


We Serve Others –  We serve other organizations involved in Bible Translation with our expertise in technology, biblical data, and innovation to make translation teams more effective and efficient.

We Collaborate – We partner with other organizations involved in Bible Translation by sharing our Intellectual Property, biblical data, and other resources to empower Bible translation teams around the world.

We Continually Learn – We learn from those who have gone before us, those doing Bible translation work on the front lines, and others leveraging technology in various ways.

We Champion Innovation – We apply our experience and expertise to look for fresh solutions to complex problems involved in Bible translation.

We Create Practical Solutions – We create real, practical solutions to challenging problems. We pilot test real world applications of our Bible translation software solutions, technology, and processes to ensure they are meeting the needs of others.


Clear serves Great Commission organizations by giving Bible translators visibility into the meaning and structure of the original Hebrew and Greek, which empowers translators to check their work as they go, improves their drafting, increases accuracy, reduces external dependencies, and shortens the overall project time.