Crown in a street How We Partner

We know how essential Bible translation technology and innovation are to accelerating high-quality Bible translation. Our mission field is serving Bible translation teams and translation ministry partners who work tirelessly around the world on behalf of the billions still waiting for the full Bible and the millions still waiting for the first word of Scripture in their language.

Clear collaborates with organizations committed to completing the Great Commission. We bring innovation to three areas in Bible Translation: Technology, Original Language Resource Creation, and Process Improvement.

We innovate in technology through:
  • Generating ideas to solve problems
  • Building proofs of concepts and tool prototypes to validate in real world projects
  • Partnering with others for deployment
We innovate in original language resource creation through:
  • Creating resources that are aligned to the Greek and Hebrew original texts to use as tools to help others with Bible translation
  • Providing alignment services for other organizations to align their own texts
  • Providing tools to enable others to create their own aligned resources
  • Sharing a decade’s worth of work on the original Greek and Hebrew Scriptures with others
We innovate in process improvement through:
  • Field testing practical tools and solutions
  • Implementation of new processes to take advantage of learnings