Young men with laptops in a dark room Global Partner Collaboration

Our driving passion is to collaborate with translation ministry partners and translation teams working tirelessly around the world on behalf of the billions still waiting for the full Bible and the millions still waiting for the first word of Scripture in their language. We work closely with our global partners to develop and deploy real practical solutions to their challenging translation problems. We help our partners increase the impact and efficiency of their work while accelerating the reach of God’s Word to all people everywhere.

We have partnerships with various Bible translation organizations. Some examples include:



Biblica is our Every Tribe, Every Nation (ETEN) Alliance implementing partner. They are also a key ally and donor for Clear, offering us invaluable advice and support to achieve our mission and vision.

SIL logo


SIL has been a key strategic technology partner for Clear. Together we initiated a joint working group on cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) research, which now encompasses NLP teams from various Bible translation organizations. We also freely share our tools, data, and ideas with them. 


We have been freely sharing our tools, data, and ideas with unfoldingWord and recently worked with their team to build a proof of concept for alignment to the original Greek and Hebrew.

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Seed Company

We are beginning to work with The Seed Company on a project to help their translation consultants do their consultant checking of translations more effectively and efficiently.

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United Bible Societies

We are working on multiple alignment projects in partnership with UBS and previously provided the alignment data to create multiple Enhanced Resources in Paratext.